Excessive Sweating of Armpits

Those of us who suffer from excessive armpit sweating can be recognized very easily. Women prefer wearing dark colored clothing which hides the traces of sweating and men never take off their jackets even if it is 30°C. They all do this for the same reason. Sweaty stains in the armpit do not make a good aesthetic impression on anyone in your surroundings. Although there are deodorants, that can mask any odor, or commonly available anti-perspirants, these products work only under ideal laboratory conditions, even if commercials claim their effects last 12 or more hours. Moreover, these products cannot deal with true excessive armpit sweating.

What option do we have left, if we do not want entrust our fates into the hands of various teas, ointments and products, which usually promise much but give little? The solution is the application of iontophoresis to the armpit area. This specific application of iontophoresis is carried out in a different manner. For more information, see the following article.

How Iontophoresis Removes Excessive Sweating of Armpits

How Iontophoresis Removes Excessive Sweating of Armpits As already mentioned, the application of iontophoresis in the underarm area is performed in a different manner than in the case of palms or feet. This is because for a successful medical procedure we need to employ the effects of both iontophoresis and water molecules on the affected area. But how can this be achieved when it is impossible to immerse armpits into a water container as it is with feet and palms? Simply use the supplied sponges, soak them in water and press them in the armpit as instructed. This will ensure efficient operation of iontophoresis even in the case of armpits. In order to help to understand the process of the treatment and the iontophoresis technology itself, it is recommended to read the article What Is Iontophoresis. Given that the skin in armpits is extremely sensitive, it is necessary to follow the time and intensity of the treatment, as indicated in Instructions for Use. It is sufficient to perform the treatment only for 7 minutes. After completion of the procedure and turning off the device, the polarity is reversed and the procedure repeated in the same manner and for the same period of time. A total of 14 minutes is enough to make you happy.

At first, iontophoresis Electro Antiperspirant is applied in this way 10 times within one month, according to provided Instructions for Use. During this "startup" period, sweating stops completely. When this occurs, simply stop the treatment and resume it only when you feel sweating slowly returns. In this case, the medical procedure is applied only once, maximally twice, and after that you will have peace again for a long time. Normally, the time after which the iontophoresis device must be applied again ranges from 14 to 40 days, which period is called the "maintenance phase". This means that after the initial phase of the treatment, in order to eliminate excessive sweating, all you have to do is to apply the device for 14 minutes once in 14-40 days.

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