Excessive Sweating of the Head

Excessive sweating of the head is the most troublesome form of hyperhidrosis. Although this form of hyperhidrosis is relatively rare, it is the most noticeable of all places where excessive sweating may occur. Compared to excessive sweating of the hands, feet, or armpits, excessive sweating of the head is very difficult to hide as it occurs in a place which is highly exposed. People suffering from excessive sweating of the head have to deal with all those looks of the "healthy people" whenever they go out, to work, or school. As a result, their social lives are much more complicated. As with sweating of the hands, excessive sweating of the head is triggered by nervousness or stress or just by the very idea of sweating. As already mentioned, common antiperspirants can't help you with excessive sweating. Moreover, who would want to put them on the head?

So what you can do when you don't want to accept the fact that excessive sweating will ruin your life forever. The solution is application of iontophoresis to your head, or rather to the anterior facial part. Compared to application to the hands or feet, this application of iontophoresis is specific and is carried out in a different manner. For more information, see the following article.

How Iontophoresis Removes Excessive Sweating of the Head

How Iontophoresis Removes Excessive Sweating of the Head As already mentioned, application of iontophoresis to the head is performed in a different manner than in the case of the palms or feet. This is because for a successful medical procedure we need to employ the effects of both iontophoresis and water molecules on the affected area. But how to do it when we can't split the head in two parts and put each of them separately in the water container, such as in the therapy of the hands or feet? For these purposes, we provide a special adapter (mask) that you put on your face and thereby ensure effective operation of iontophoresis even when hyperhidrosis affects you head. In order to better understand the process of the treatment and the iontophoresis technology itself, we recommended reading the article What Is Iontophoresis. Given that the skin in the armpits is extremely sensitive, it is necessary to follow the time and intensity of the procedure as indicated in Instructions for Use. It is sufficient to perform the treatment only for 5 minutes. After completion of the procedure and turning off the device, switch the polarity and repeat the procedure in the same manner and for the same time. A total of 10 minutes is enough to make you happy once again.

At first, Electro Antiperspirant should be applied 10 times within one month, as described in the Instructions for Use. During this "startup" period, sweating will stop completely. After sweating recedes, simply stop the treatment and resume it only when you feel sweating slowly returns. In that case, repeat the procedure only once, maximally twice. After that, you will have peace again for a long time. Normally, the time after which iontophoresis must be applied again ranges from 14 to 40 days (this period is called the "maintenance phase"). This means that after you got rid of excessive sweating of the head for the first time, all you have to do is apply the device for about 10 minutes once in 14 – 40 days.

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