Cold Feet and Hands

Cold hands and feet is an issue directly related to excessive sweating in these areas. Many people who suffer from excessive sweating think cold hands and feet are a result of insufficient blood flow to their extremities. However, in excessive sweating, this is not the case. As is well known, all fluids, including sweat, are very good conductors of heat. They are so efficient that they transmit ambient temperature approximately 20 times faster than air. This means that if your hands and feet are constantly covered with sweat, they will quickly adapt to the ambient temperature, which rarely exceeds the body temperature (37°C). In this case, you will feel unpleasant chill in your hands and feet. Once the ambient temperature reaches 37°C, you will keep sweating but the chill disappears.

So what to do if your hands and feet are constantly sweating and are cold as ice? There is a way to get rid of these feelings. Iontophoresis can help you, and it can do so very easily. Iontophoresis will stop the sweating and thus cold hands and feet will be problem no more. Let us show you how.

How Iontophoresis Removes Cold Hands and Feet

How Iontophoresis Removes Cold Hands and Feet As already mentioned, the feeling of cold hands and feet associated with excessive sweating is not related to insufficient blood flow to the limbs. It is caused by the fact that limbs constantly covered with sweat cool down very quickly, almost 20 times faster than dry limbs. Electro Antiperspirant not only stops excessive sweating of the hands and feet, it also ensures that you will never have cold feet and hands again. Once your palms and feet are dry, they get warm just like any other part of your body. Check Iontophoresis and Sweating of the Hands or Iontophoresis and Sweating of the Feet to find out how to get rid of unwanted sweating and cold hands forever.

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